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12 things I want for Christmas!

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12 things I want for Christmas!

  1. More canons on the JackDaw the ship from Assassins Creed IV and what respectable pirate wouldn’t?
  2. A flaming or glowing sword in all the fantasy games I play. I’m not talking a light saber or anything like that, just a glow or some flames that’s all I ask.
  3. The submarine in GTA 5. If you tried to collect the part to this you would know way I want it without working for, but I won’t cheat. Might have it in month or so.
  4. A beta key Elder Scrolls Online! Need I say more?
  5. Creeper replant in MineCraft. No matter how hard you try there always where you least expect them, kerblamo! Yes I took that word out of the old 60’s Bat Man TV show.
  6. One more heart of health in all the retro Nintendo games that I play occasionally.
  7. One more clip of ammo in Call of Duty, I really don’t need this most of the time I fire 10-15 bullets before I’m dead.
  8. A different type beer to try every day for next year! Yes I could realistically do this one but you know some times you get lazy.
  9. A M61A1 20mm Gatling gun for my F4U Corsair in War Thunder, yeah I know purists it never had one, but boy it would be cool. I worked on the puppies in the military, it’s a great gun.
  10. Since it is that time year to pack on a few extra pounds, I want a cake. Oh doesn’t like cake!
  11. I want a game that is free of griefing and everything that goes with that whole mentality. This isn’t needed in any game.
  12. Another zombie based survival game? Hasn’t this be done to death already. I love survival games we just don’t need another zombie based one.



Were just having a little fun here. I hope everyone has a happy holiday season no matter what your beliefs are or what you celebrate, were all gamers and that what really matters around here! So have a happy and safe holidays!


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