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Old Thumper by Shipyard Brewing

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The beer pours orange amber color with a bright white head. The head dissipates quickly into a thin foam lacing.  Light carbonation is visible on the surface.


Smell is of a lightly burnt caramel or a brown sugar mixture.  Also has a touch of a spice like smell and maybe a little like clover.


The taste progresses from very to sweet to bitter.  At first drink the sweetness of a sugary sweet caramel or almost like hard candy butterscotch. Then the taste turns to a slight bitter from the hops. The sweetness is still there and a little over powering but still the over all flavor is good.


This medium bodied beer has an alcohol content of 5.9%. The beer goes down quite easy, but be careful it has a high alcohol content. It is great beer for a BBQ


Overall I give this beer a great rating. It is a highly recommended beer. This is a great beer for a special occasion or just a night of relaxing in front of the TV watching the ballgame. You will not be disappointed with this one.


Verdict 5of

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