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A big Welcome to Gamers Sphere

Posted on 1/21/2014 by with 0 comments

Gamers Sphere

For the people that read here daily you know that Beer and Joysticks has grown with a great group of people and one of those people is John Heatz.

I met John though this vast swarm of wordpress gaming sites that populate the community. Since meeting John we have become great friends, as we share our experiences of what we have learned so far writing our blogs.

I like John because he’s a guy that will tell you straight up, about anything gaming related.

Well, today John has started a new venture with Gamers Sphere. Gamers Sphere will be based pretty much on the principles that were created on the John Heatz site. It will be a great gaming site once things get rolling, so please take the time to visit Gamers Sphere and say Hi.

We wish him and everyone over at Gamers Sphere the best with this new site

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