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A case of writers block!

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writers block

I’ve been sitting here most of the night relaxing (beer in hand), this was a pretty rough week for me. I’m not looking for sympathy here, I just trying to explain my situation and why I haven’t wrote a lot this week. As I thought about my problems this week, it made for a good case of writers block.

I was in and out of meetings all this week and things are looking up for my side business, along with a few things that will be coming to Beer and Joysticks. I really want to tell you all, but that would ruin the surprise when were ready unveil what I’m talking about and I don’t want to spook off the people putting some of this together.

So then I tried to relax so I could get to some writing done, but nothing would come out, except this lame excuse of an article that is doing nothing more than filling in for what I should have written in the first place.  So my writers block has thrown me way off subject, but at least it go back to writing.

My plan is to try to bang out a few things in the morning before take a break for the day, I can’t guarantee that I will take the day off because of my smartphone always has me permanently attached to the blog.

Sometimes I feel like were to connected to devices and computers, but it sure make life easier.

So I think I’ll go play some more Grand Theft Auto 5, and forget and hopefully I’ll be back to full capacity tomorrow morning.


So today I ask you, what should I do to relieve writers block?

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