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A Class on Class With Class

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Most of the online games today give you the option to choose a class for your character.  A warrior, archer, wizard or a healer (seriously I personally think they could add creativity by creating other class other than this four).  Some of their names would vary in some games, for instance a warrior can be called a brawler, an archer sometimes fell into the category of elf, but usually their strength and weaknesses are still similar.   So is there any type of class that is superior to the other?  Let us examine these classes and see if someone will appear victorious than the others.

  • Warrior- a warrior is good in melee skills, its strengths and defense is unmatchable with the other class, making it a tanker.  But its speed and vitality falls a little flat when fighting against long range opponents.  So most of the time I would try to grind him up against the melee enemies and move to the long range villains when it reaches a favorable defense.  How about its PVP status against other players?  A warrior is definitely something to watch out for during the last man standing event or a guild wars, never engage on a short distance battle when confronting this type of class, be sure to keep a long distance when casting a spell, a wizard would not stand a chance on a melee combat, but surprisingly, an archer can hold its ground for a few moment giving the archer a chance to flee and maintain a distance.
  • Archer-An archer’s advantage is its speed and agility plus its flawless marksmanship.  Any enemies within its range would be obliterated due to its impeccable use of long range weapons.  Its speed gives it an ability to evade some of the attack, but it does take a pretty high damage when the opponent successfully initiated an attack.  Archers have an advantage to melee opponent; you’ll be a dead duck even before you reached an archer.
  • Wizard-A wizard is someone who can use those flash spells, usually a spell for destruction.  They possessed a high level of intelligence but are alarmingly low on defense and physical growth.  Like the archer it is best to put your wizard at a long distance when attacking an enemy. Most of the online games require something before they will be able to perform high level of spells.  Notice the damage of the spell and the enemies HP and defense attributes before you try engaging with them.
  • Priest- A priest can also perform spells like the Wizard, but most of the time they use it to support a team, they have the ability to heal and on some games they have the skill to reinforce another character in the game.  Having this on your side is quite valuable since their support magic can really help you big-time. In my opinion, the strength of each character in the game is not only measured by their skills or attributes.  You can have a strong warrior but you need increase its defense, since it will take a little time before you can execute an attack to those long ranged classes. A guild having different types of classes will end up victorious against a guild that possesses a few varieties of characters.

Though I will always prefer to use the character with a higher strength, I still have to consider its equipment, attributes, skill levels, weapons and a lot more elements in the game before I can say that I can definitely hold my ground.  There are other types of class that a certain game might present like a character that is a combination of strength but can also execute spells or an archer that can give you buff and support but I don’t recommend using them since most of the time, online gaming will only give you a certain point that you can distribute on your attributes, it is much advisable to focus on a certain attributes than to just carelessly distributing them.  So as you can see there isn’t much of an answer to our question above, it is just a matter of dedication to the game and having enough knowledge on the class you chose, other than that, you are free to select whatever type of character you like.

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