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Gaming evolved or devolved?

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A Moment to Think.

I literally grew up playing Nintendo and Playstation, most of my profound memories includes some moments with my brothers while playing Super Mario Bros.  I remember my brothers and I finishing our homework fast just to lay our hands on that much coveted joysticks. Oh! How I miss those innocent laughing and teasing while playing those games.  But does online gaming change our perspective on how video games should be played?  Are you wondering if the generation playing today has ever experienced bonding with his family members while playing Phantasy online or Age of Wushu?

If you are a 90’s baby, there is a higher probability that you have spent a greater time playing Mortal Kombat games.  A friend would pay you a visit just to have a match with you and determine who the better fighter is.  You’re probably aware between the rivalry of Scorpion and Sub-Zero, and after a round of laughter and trash talking it all feels worth it. Everyone who grew up in this era experienced having a good time with their buddies while trying to finish a certain stage on the X-men or Freedom Fighters.

Gaming evolved or devolved?

In this time, almost every game being introduced in the public involves a long hour of dedicated gaming, a more complex plot and a bit complicated interface, but can it bring you the same thrill and excitement brought by the older games?  Can online games evoke the same enjoyment or has it become a hindrance of bringing people together.  Surely you can use the chat bar to connect with your friends, but the feeling of being able to see those smiles and the high fives are just priceless.

It’s not that I’m putting the online games in the crosshairs, the problem is not with the game. It’s with the players.  Though we always experienced the itch to level up and the thirst to whack the heads of our opponent, some things are best done in a moderate ways. 

People behind this website would want nothing but to hear the laughter and the educated comment from the hustler on the online gaming world, but we also want you take a timeout and spend a few time with the people who really matters.   Gaming thus bring us thrills and excitement, it’s like an alter-ego of our persona, there is no restriction, no boundary, but we must always remember that it is called virtual world cause it is simply not real.

Don’t Hold Back!

I probably scream louder than anyone reading this article after beating a boss or a high level monster,  I am most certain I jump higher than anyone of you when I receive a rare weapon.  But I also have the time to send a text message to my friend and invite them for a few can of beers while boasting about my online character. 

I managed to call my dad and ask him for an NBA match.  You see, games these days never really changed the way how video games are played, they have the same purpose and that is to bond with our friends, the players are the one who changed the meaning of bonding, it seems that a simple hi and hello in the gaming world is enough to keep those relationship glued and strong.

Try to invite a friend to play alongside with you if you have a spare desktop or a laptop and you’ll see what we mean.  You’ll probably invite him over and over again just to experience the absolute fun a gamer can experience.   We are not stopping you from playing your favorite online games, but it might be nice to leave the virtual world once in a while and start experiencing the real life once in a while.

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