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A Quick Peek At Wizardry Online

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 Wizardry Online

Developer: Gamepot Inc

Publisher:  Sony Online Entertainment

Wizardry online is an MMORPG type of game, it tried to bring innovations on online gaming but failed on some terms.  Though it offers us new and exciting elements, the horrendous graphics and the command options are just gawky, not to mention the connection issues.   Some of you might not believe me that this game was just released recently, its poor graphics and texture might give you the conclusion that this game circulated around the 90’s.  I laud their imagination of creating a permanent death structure, but what I hate about this thing is the connection issues; disconnection is the last thing you ever wanna experience considering that the character you grind for months could end up in the burial ground.


Wizardry online is not designed for those who played online gaming occasionally, these are for the hardcore gamers who are searching for extreme challenges.  You need to download their game client which is more than 2GB.  After game installation and a few updates, it will show you a welcome message similar to that of a Final Fantasy.  Actually the opening credit is a lot better than any graphics in the game.  After a long time of waiting you can now choose your preferred server, another thing I noticed is that you are not allowed to use the minimize option, you just sat there and wait until you successfully connected on the game.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the prolonged period of waiting for the game to load.

The visual element falls flat, the swatches and palettes including the character design does not give you any excitement.  As a matter of fact the game does not give you any fascinating images.  You are given a chance to take the part of a human, dwarf, elf, gnome and the porkul.  After finishing on the character design and choosing of your race, you are required to pick a class.  After the long time of downloading the game, waiting for a successful connection, creating the character (the process is so frustrating if I may say).  You are now ready to polish your character, take note  find some companions to avoid the high risk of the permanent death feature.   Mind you, this game is not to be taken in solo;  the group finder option makes sure that you can seek for a companion inside the game.  If you are thinking of grinding your characters into a place packed with high level characters, you might want to ask someone to look after you, remember there is a permanent death feature in this game.


Another unique feature of this game is the leveling up, unlike most of the online games you can hear that sweet sound of ding, here you are required to go to a certain fountain or inn to pay a visit to a character that will determine your increase and bad news you can also decrease your stats.  Here is the game that will sort out hardcore players to the casual one.   The constant hazard of losing your life make it a lot more extreme that separates this game from the others.  Think about losing the character where you spent a lot of time and effort in grinding him only to end in the graveyard.  It  needs a total dedication if you really want to master this game.


But not to lose hope since this game offers you a chance to revive a newbie character.  When it is your first time to die you will be sent in a realm where enemies are roaming around, be quick and find a shrine that allows you to revive your character, if you end up in a black angel sculpture, there is a higher chance to resurrect your character, if you die several times on the process the chance of revival shrinks.




Wizardry online is introducing a new dawn of the online games, but will the gamers bite its bait?  This game will definitely attract the hardcore gamers; others will just take a look at it and leave after their death.  Gamepot made a bold move in creating this game, though the graphics are bit disappointing, I’ll still advice you to play this game.  This game is not designed for those AFK gamers.  Its up to you if you wanna experience the grueling time of downloading and waiting for the connection before you can appreciate the ingenuity of the game.

Verdict 4 of 6





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