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AAGamer– New Gaming Website Focuses on African American Consumers, Black Online Users are Expected to Grow at Double the Rate of Whites Through 2007

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(PRWEB) November 26, 2003

Columbia, MD (PRWEB November 25, 2003 — is a fresh new face on the burgeoning gaming landscape that is long overdue. Researchers have hailed video, PC (personal computer) and online games as a new entertainment culture that integrates animation, movies, books and toys. A recent national study commissioned by America Online (Digital Marketing Services, Inc.) revealed that playing games online is one of the top three activities for African-Americans. Yet the perspectives of African American consumers are either missing or misrepresented in many of the video and PC games being developed today.

“Game developers, publishers and marketers need to know that when it comes to game plots and characters, heroes and heroines, villains and virgins that black consumers often have a unique outlook,” says Roderick Weldon Woodruff, VP Marketing and co-founder of AAGamer. “Cultural sensitivities should be acknowledged from development to marketing of the game product.”

African-Americans represent a huge segment of the video and PC game market. Target Market News reports in its 2002 report that black households earn $ 631 billion annually and that they spend $ 1.9 billion of that yearly on toys, games and pets.

Stop in any barbershop in the black community on a Saturday afternoon and you’re likely to find a brother animatedly boasting about how he just dogged an opponent in Madden NFL 2004, a popular new video and PC game that can be played online. The Super Bowl may come in January, but it’s always hot when brothers are at play on the X-Box, GameCube or PlayStation 2. African Americans have a unique and identifiable game style and language.

Says Woodruff: “A void has long existed in the development and marketing of video and PC games, even though we represent a viable segment of that market. And this will persist unless we make our voices heard. AAGamer begins to fill this void by providing game reviews, editorials, polls and forums tailored to African American consumers.”

Woodruff and his spouse, New York Times best-selling author Connie Briscoe, are the founders of AAGamer. Some of the game writers who contribute to AAGamer include George Jones, former editor-in-chief of Computer Gaming World, Damon Brown, who has written for The Source,, Gamasutra, and other media, and Kayode James, content manager for the Gamer’s Association of Trinidad and Tobago.

AAGamer is a registered trademark of BLAXCOM, Blax Communications Holdings Corp. in the United States and/or other countries. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.


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