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About Us


No Hype. No Fanboys. No B.S. Just GamePlay and a few Beers.


The Beer and Joysticks group formed in 2012, by people who like to have a few beers and play games. We cover all aspects of gaming, our gaming opinions called “Rants”, videos of game play, game reviews, beer reviews and other related stuff.

Play Responsibly! Drink Responsibly!  

Our Videos: Just game play! We guarantee no commentary by some stuck up snob like some other game play video sites around the net, yeah you know who were talking about. All the commentary does is ruin the experience of the game play. When we do a video with commentary it will be for a good reason and we’ll tell you there is commentary in the title.

Rants: Is our way of writing our opinions on what happening in the gaming industry along with things we just had to get off out chest. We have an opinion you have an opinion, we welcome you to comment on ours; just try to be civilized about it. Rants originally came from a former site we wrote that formed in 2007-2009, so we started this page as a new outlet to vent our frustrations from gaming scene.

Beer Reviews:  There is a saying around Beer and Joysticks thanks to Early Cuyler and the Squidbillies, it goes something like this beer is gooder than hell”! With that being said we like beer, so in our beer section we talk about beer we like. Our rating system is based on a 6-pack, if a beer gets 6 beer rating it doesn’t get any better than that.

Game Reviews: Game reviews are similar to the beer reviews best out of 6 rating. We will not hold back on any game if we don’t like it we will say it and say it loud.

The Guild Leader: “The Guild Leader” is a weekly series by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of building a better guild and being a better guild leader.

So you want to be a game developer! Is a weekly column covering and devoted to answering all the questions and everything about  becoming a game developer. Column will feature interviews with game industry professionals and tips and hints on how things are done in the game industry.

Vainslayer Legend of Regata: Embark on a journey filled with adventure, action and suspense as six young individuals resist from the tyranny of the Norecian Kingdom. A weekly continuing manga-style story by Aldren Castro

Golden Six Pack Awards: Coming in December 2013 we will give out our first award for Beer of the Year, and Game of the Year, called the Golden Six Pack.  To be eligible for these awards one of our staff must have written about this the game or beer and was awarded a 6 of 6 for a verdict score in the last year.

Partners: People who have helped us along the way or our friends. Do you know of a good site, something cool,  or someone who would want to put there link here, well let us know.

Writers: Beer and Joysticks is always on the look out for new writers. If you like beer and gaming we want you! At the same time we except guest posts if guest poster plans to write in our niche. Please contact us below with more information and we’ll get back as soon as the next game is over.

Story Tips:If you have an idea or would like us to look at something you like drop us a line below and let us know. We can’t complete all submissions, but would love to hear what you think.

The over goal of this website has always been and always will be to have fun and tell what we like and don’t like about the beer drinking and gaming worlds. At times this blog is laced with wit and sarcasm for entertainment purposes only, if you can’t handle that you might need to find another blog! You have been warned.

We strive to build a corps of writers that will honestly tell the way it really is in the gaming/beer world today. As always we welcome your tips, your commentary, or anything you the community has to say good or bad. So give us a holler below.


If you like what we do please leave a comment and follow us on our social media sites.


We can never say thank you enough, for supporting our humble little page and our bad habits.


Beer and Joysticks Staff


Suggestions, do you have any? Let us know or help us with tips or writing something, or just let us know how you feel below.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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