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An oldie but a goodie!

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My rant is an old rant. It still makes me mad even today just thinking about it. It is a story of a company that disregarded the wishes of it player base. Let’s change the game without asking anyone that actually plays the game. They issued a statement saying that a focus group came up supposed changes. I always wonder was this focus group paid by the company or were they just a bunch of sheeple.


I have been kind of cryptic so, but I’m sure some people have already figured what I’m talking about. For you that don’t I will let the cat out of the bag them. I’m talking about the Star Wars Galaxies debacle. Sony had normal downtime and patch days. This was no normal patch. Unless changing the entire game mechanics is normal. Without any notice the game went from one of the most hardcore games to WOW in space over one patch.


The next day came with the normal spaceports being filled people running around with the non-earned glow sticks. Most Jedi before that day had taking months of work to attain the padiwan rank, the lowest of the Jedi. Now anyone could get one just for logging in.


Somewhere in my closet there is a SWG box collecting dust. Every time I see I think of what could have been. I wonder if companies have taken heed after this mess. I have only logged back into SWG on the free trials. I can’t see paying anymore for something so bad. When you do log in my friends list never has anyone online. That pretty much sums it up.

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