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Angry Birds – Review

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Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Itunes

This is an old review, this i can not lie. Its very clear to me though is that Angry birds has become the next big mainstream hit for the gaming industry, This game has entered the mainstream in a big and if you ask the normal person on the street what Angry Birds they will know, i mean not only is there a movie being made of this game but my mum knows about it and the last game my mother remembers playing is Space Invaders. I don’t have to tell you what angry birds is but just in case your reading this in the far off future were angry birds hasn’t survived this is a tower defense game, only your attacking the towers rather than defending them.

Angry Birds


The game play mechanic of Angry Birds is very simplistic but its also very addictive. It’s the simplicity of this game that makes it so appealing in my opinion with the basic concept being to catapult several birds through obstacles in as few turns as possible. The more birds you have remaining the higher your score, it’s as simple as that and its addictive as hell. This may seem simple but there is great depth to be discovered in this game, all the birds have different attributes and how you choose to use these bird effectively is a somewhat trickery prospect. I have spent many an hour trying to get three stars in all the levels.


Like everything else on this game the controls are a simple affair. The touch screen of the iPhone always worried me when it comes to gaming. I was worried about the potential responsiveness of the touch screen but on a game like this it’s perfect. You simply aim and pull back and hope for the best as easy as that. While the controls work on simple games like this I can’t see the iPhone being very good at doing more intensive twitched based bit only time will tell on that.


This game is only 69 pence in the iTunes store and at that price its fantastic value. That is less than a can of coke and this will last much longer and with well over 300 levels and there not just hours of fun but days. There’s another beauty in that the iPhone can download additional content so this game can only be improved over time. Something they do on a regular basis.

Well here it is my first foray into the world of iPhone gaming and I’m very pleased with the result. Angry Birds is a delight to play despite its very simplistic game idea I can’t actually put it down. The Game play is cute quirky and additively simple and at only 69 pence is a must buy for all iPhone and iPod touch owners out there.



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