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Antilogger might just be what the online gamer needs!

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Here are Beer and Joysticks we have be on the short end of the stick at covering security programs, but I thought that we should start covering this type of thing more now.

Today when watch the news and see security breaches at major retail outlet all over the world it makes you wonder if your computer is really as secure as you think it is? This is where you should be introduced to an award winning and relatively new program called AntiLogger by Zemana. AntiLogger protects the privacy of your computer by blocking any potentially harmful changes to your computers settings and at the same it scans for any malicious code that could be harmful when it runs. One of the best features of AntiLogger is the key or password scrambler, which protect systems from any key logging that would store you passwords to gain access to your accounts without you knowing.

The latest updates to Zemana AntiLogger has increased the effectiveness of the Anti key logging and will block all attempts to store any keystrokes from your keyboard and at the same time encrypts your keystroke inputs. AntiLogger now detects and blocks any attempt almost immediately to take over your computer or one trying to hack into it. Another area where AntiLogger excels is in the protection of any financial malware by blocking SSL sniffers and Trojans that have been created to gather information to your financial accounts.

Zemana AntiLogger is a small program that has been flying below the radar, but as it continues to rack up awards from major organizations such as (CNET Editor’s Award, TUCOWS Editor’s Review, TopTen Editor’s Review, and Online Security Banking Test). With these awards AntiLogger will begin to become more of a mainstream program to use. Let’s face it the more we rely of technology the more we need to have dependable security software protecting us from any outside intrusions into our confidential information. Security is one of the most important things we should be aware of today as we jump around on mobile networks and for business traveler’s use of public networks. The use of AntiLogger can really save the day if you have to use outside networks or if you have become infected by any malware.

This looks to be a good product for us online gamers so we can secure our passwords for any snooping. I will be keeping eye on this as it is farther down the development road and let you all know if any new updates are pushed out.

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