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Are subscription based games worth it anymore?

Posted on 5/12/2013 by with 0 comments

Are subscription based games worth it anymore?

As we see more and more free to play games starting to take over the market I ask you are subscription based game worth it anymore?

I’ve play just about every subscription game under the sun some are still here but a lot are long gone. Today with free to play game that are being released such as Neverwinter or TERA, these games are made by AAA labels and have all staff needed to bring a game to the forefront of what is out there already.

Am I saying these free to play games are better than the old faithful subscriptions games, no and hell no! There are a few games that are knocking on the door though, and you really can’t complain about the price tag either. I think soon you will see free to play take over as the payment plan of choice for online gaming.

One thing I have noticed about subscription based games is that you have a lot more dedication to most of these games. When you play a subscription game you tend to play more to get your money’s worth out of it or that my guess.

Most of the free to play games are a lot more of a casual environment. Why? I think it’s because you’re not paying for anything so you not as dedicated to the game so you treat it as such.  This isn’t always the case but it is for the most part from what I have seen.

The facts are that for the most part free to play can and will be more profitable for most games because people are lazy and take the easy way out. You can buy your way to the top in most of the free to play games and that is a trend that will continue.

I will continue to play free to play games, without any high expectations or without spending money in them, because I like to experience the game the way it was meant to be experienced. Yes that is the harder way, but fun for me at the same time. Plus it always gives me something to write about or should I say bitch about. Just kidding I thing.

So today I ask you are subscription based game still worth it?

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