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Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag

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Assassins Creed 4

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal




I will tell you right from the start I not the biggest Assassins Creed fan, but I really like the way that they mix some history with fiction.

Assassins Creed IV has a good mix of on land and at to sea ship-based combat. As with the others in the AC series there are time when you have to go stealth and wait out enemies till they make a wrong more to pounce on them.


When I heard that Assassins Creed IV would be featuring the life of a pirate I thought that is certainly a different route than they have tried before. I wasn’t sure how it would be implemented but it was well worth taking a shot as all the AC games are put together well.


As Assassins Creed IV opens up you find yourself on a ship that is being ripped with canon fire, you grab the hem and begin maneuvering the ship to get in a few shots before she sinks. This is basically a tutorial to get used to the controls before throwing you in to the actual game.

During the battle you get a sight of what looks like a Templar Assassin on the ship you’re fighting with.


The ship your on finally succumbs to its gaping wounds in the side of the ship and slowly slips under the water. As you reach the surface of the water you realize the amount of destruction around you and have to swim around the broken ships to shore.

The controls are the same as AC 3 for all the ground based combat. At sea you control your ship just as you do on ground with exception on combat you need to select a weapon by looking in that direction and then aiming with the right mouse button, firing with the left mouse button when ready.

You lay on the beach out of breath only to be greeted by the Assassin who wants help reaching Havana. You tell him no and he high tails it into the jungle, where your mission is to find him and take his identity.


You run into jungle and chase him down and after it’s all said and done you has defeated him and take his clothes. Your plan is to go to Havana and take on the role as this person and hopefully become rich in the process.

Once reaching Havana you meet up with some other Templar’s and they proceed to tell you about and observatory that holds many powers and this becomes the main part of the story line. This is where I’ll lay off the story I don’t like to add spoilers.

As you go farther into the story the difficulty increases, you must remember to upgrade your equipment or you will find it to be that much harder. At times you will be warned that you should upgrade before starting a mission.

You also have the other part of the story which is that you work for an entertainment company and what experience in game is nothing more than a simulation. This simulation is being designed as the next big thing for entertain, like an interactive movie. So from time to time in-game you need to take of your other duties for the company, once again I don’t want to give too much away here.

For me what stands out for Assassins Creed IV is the stealth abilities that you need to use to trick an enemy or to sneak past a guard. In this offering you can hire women to distract the guard, blend in to crowds and use sleep darts from your blow gun to knock a guard for a minute or two to get by them.


Assassins Creed IV has some of the best graphics going today. The water looks amazingly real and I found myself looking at and forgetting there was a battle going on.


The ships are also well done, I found myself between missions just walking the decks to see what the crew were up too.

The land based environment is also well done, as you pass a tropical island you might think that looks like a good place to spend a week off.

I lighting effect look as real as it gets. As the sun sets you get a sun glare across the water that makes you want to put on sunglasses.

The graphics in Assassins Creed IV are top notch.



The sounds for Assassins Creed IV are as good as a large budget Hollywood movie production. When you are fighting a battle and canons rip through a ship you can hear the timbers splintering and cracking.

The music is really good also adding a flavor to the whole pirate scene with the crew coming alive as you voyage the seas, pointing out if something is sighted and the sings sea shanties to past the time as you travel along.

The sounds in Assassins Creed IV are excellent!



Overall Assassins Creed IV is a fun game, but there are some frustrating parts if you forget to get your ship upgraded or you don’t have the resources to upgrade. So you need to, well be a pirate to get enough loot.

Assassins Creed IV is a good mix of land and sea based combat with enough variation for just about every play style. This is one of best games I have played this year and came just a few weeks later or it would have been in our game of the year list for sure.

The star of the show is the main storyline that brings all over the map searching for answers and riches. At times you will find yourself singing along with your crew’s sea shanties, oh the life of pirate.

Does anyone know where I could get a peg leg?

Verdict is 6 of 6


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