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Auto-tracking is a feature on some of today’s online game, where the computer automatically track your next destination in able to finish your next quest.  But does it make the game easier or does it diminish the value of the game? Auto-tracking is one of the reason why gaming have been swarmed by casual gamers, they no longer need to know a lot about the game, no point in reading the quest and understanding the story behind it, since you’ll just have to click the auto track and voila instant experience and cash.


The original purpose of auto-tracking was to minimize our time in roaming around the maps.  If you notice in Skyrim where an auto-tracking feature is not offered, players tend to waste a huge amount of time exploring parts of the maps that are not yet needed to complete the quests, some of you might say that it is so frustrating.  That’s where auto-tracking becomes handy, most of the time an auto-track appears alongside your quest, you just have to enable the auto- track and the computer will guide your character on fulfilling your desired quests. But do they need to include an auto track on smaller maps?


Let us examine some of today’s 2d environment, where basically the next quest is just a few steps away.  I do not understand why there is a need for the said element when the quest is very detailed and the only thing you need to do is to talk to the next NPC to complete the quest.  It is so appalling to see questions after questions on the world chat asking about the purpose of a certain thing, since basically they failed on reading some of the guides and tips during the quest because they tend to just click the auto track, as if they were on a race to finish more quests for the day.  On top of it there’s an auto complete feature where you are allowed to waste some of your cash to automatically finish the quest. Can you believe it?  How dumb do you think players are?


While the original purpose of the auto-tracking can be great, some of the developers find a way to use it to lure the casual gamers.  A game that doesn’t require you to work hard in order for you to level up, isn’t that great? Psshh spare us with your thoughts and excuses, the main purpose why you are including this feature is for you to gain more profit.  While I do not have a problem on those casual gamers (except for their whining on the world chat), it would be nice if you could show some dedication on the game.


Auto-tracking is a big help on a  huge scale map, but some of the developers abused it by including these elements on some 2d online games and social games.  Shame on you, remember the first game you played and think about the elements that made you decide to become a developer.  Now look and examine the game that you developed, can they inspire today’s younger mind and bring them the same joy that I experienced during my childhood days?  Will someone aspire to become a developer because of this game? Or worse, Can you still call this a game?



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