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Autopsy of a dead MMORPG

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Autopsy of a dead MMORPG

Autopsy of a dead MMORPG

Everything in this world enters a life cycle.  They are born and eventually will die, online games are nowhere different to this kind of life cycle.   It’s a fact that some of them like Archlord got shutdown. So let us discuss in this article what causes these MMORPG to sign off and what determines the lifespan of these online games.

As we always say, MMORPG are usually a recycled concept.  A developer would take elements from other MMORPG and mix it with others and will declare it as a new game, unoriginal and less creative.  The difference that some of them offers are the plot, sound and the style in art.  Most of the time these MMORPG’s will highlight one distinct characteristic of their Online Game that will differentiate them from others. 

That is the main problem, developers have stopped developing, and they were stuck in this formula that everyone is used to. They refused to create anew and take a risk since they are mainly creating it just for money unlike the players who wanted it for fun.  Creating a whole new game will cost a lot and would definitely post them on a higher risk of bankruptcy, plus it is not an assurance that you will attract a huge population of gamer.

Another problem is the long grinding system, which every gamer can understand, not that this bothers us, but some of the casual players wanted to level up much faster and experience the game as a whole.  The thing is the game wanted us to stay longer and spend some of our money for them to gain profit. 

Some of the gamers have grown tired of this system and will eventually move to other games.  I will mention World of Warcraft in particular. Developers must learn a thing or two about the grinding leveling system on this game. This is a huge factor in the game, but you really don’t mind it since the action is not redundant and not boring unlike other games. 

WoW (World of Warcraft) gave you this much freedom to grind your characters anywhere you want and will still receive emblems.  Again, no matter how innovative your game is or how beautiful the sound and the visual effects are, if the players kept on doing repeated quests and dungeons they will eventually get tired of it.

There is also the problem of keeping the online games fresh and up to date.  How to continually entertain their players. A new quest perhaps or a new map, even a new type of enemy will keep them interested.  A developer must always keep it in his mind that the main goal of the game is to make the experience enjoyable. Boredom is like the cancer of games.  There are times when you love a game so much but time will come when you will hit that “satiety factor” it will start to feel like an everyday job that you have to finish.

MMORPG and its tiring and exhausting grinding factor, plus its failure to keep it up to date are some of the causes of its death.  I do agree with most of the developers when they said that they do not have the same budget as EA or Blizzard. Budget is still a big factor on making a game with a longer life span. 

But no matter how popular a game is, how it keeps bringing you new things to see and fight, eventually this game will die.  So enjoy while it last and keep clicking on those mouse and joystick.  Death is inevitable, that’s the way it is.  Deal with it.

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