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Avoiding Keyloggers and Viruses

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All of us want our account to be safe, free from those hackers.  But unfortunately the online world has many security loopholes that hackers tend to exploit.  Keyloggers can steal your account information and those viruses can disrupt our gaming system and most often than not it’s already too late before we find out that our system has been attack by these foreign elements.  Since we are so fond of giving you tips online, we thought that it would be cool to share some ways on how to avoid them.

We sometimes experience a lag or slow frames when gaming, but there are software that promised to increase the speed of the game, be wary on those types of software, they may act as auto miners, bots and sped hacks etc, but these programs are often associated with keyloggers and Trojan viruses.  The keyloggers will detect strokes on your keyboard allowing the hackers to steal your account.  Plus do keep it in mind that these types of program are not allowed by the servers.  We advised you never to use any of them since your account will definitely be banned if proven that you are using one.

Another great way to protect your system from these attacks is to update your window version.  We all know that Windows release security updates every two to three days that can help us prevent unwanted elements on invading our system.  And also do not forget to update your Java frequently, old versions are known to have security problems that can be a gateway for those virus to our system.

Installing an antivirus and an antispyware is also a must. it’ll not only protect our games and accounts but it’ll also help us in keeping our system healthy.  Cause you all know that once the virus has infested our system, it’ll be only a matter of time before the other files get infected by the virus causing a game to malfunction or our operating system to shutdown.  But stay away from those antivirus that tends to eat your internet speed, it might get so frustrating when you can’t get the best gaming experience you want.

When playing a browser game, be sure to use a more secure browser,  I do not recommend using Internet Explorer since this browser has many known security issues.  It is better to use Firefox, Safari or Opera.

And be a proactive gamer, report those individuals who are posting advertisements and links, there is a tendency that they are spreading keyloggers cloaked as a speed hacks or auto mining software.  And lastly never enter you account username and passwords except on the main server.  Some of the sites are pretending to be related to a gaming site but they are there to steal your accounts.  Be sure to be alert on those hackers, those individuals have very high technical skills but very poor gaming skills that is why they tend to steal others account.

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