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Barrel Trolley by World Brews Review

Posted on 2/18/2013 by with 1 comment


Barrel Trolley Pale Ale

By World Brews

I recently picked up this a sampler pack from a local liquor store that included a Barrel Trolley Pale Ale. I have wondered about the World Brew stuff that was available, having seeing it many time but never had the chance to try it out until now.


Back to the review, the beer pours cloudy to hazy with a golden straw color. The beer settles with a foamy dirty looking off white color head. A lot of visible carbonation bubbles can be seen all along the glass sides.


This beer has the smell of most normal IPA’s, lots of citrus notes along with some unusual medicinal “herby” smell. You can tell that they have they started with a traditional IPA recipe with full malty, and citrus flavors, that meld together good, but the strange after smell is weird coming from this beer.


This is where I was thrown a curve ball the beer tastes very weak compared to most IPA’s and is a lot closer to a blond. The drinking smooth with malty flavors and very little was brought to the table in form of citrus notes. Lost in translation I guess! The after taste can be very bitter at times.

Verdict: 3 0f 6

This beer started off with good intentions, but somehow the flavor was lost and has a weird after taste and smell. Not really sure where this went wrong, but it was still worth giving it a try for the beer lover.

Overall the beer has more of a blond taste than that of an IPA. This is a boring beer that lacks inspiration.



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