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Batman: Arkham Knight Warning Spoilers!

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Batman:  Arkham Knight

One of the most anticipated game that is set to release this year is the new addition to the Batman series, Batman: Arkham Knight.  This particular game series has taken the classic concept of creating a dark and mad ambiance, one that is close to the original comic book series.  They have taken the risk to create something that is not too mainstream, fortunately they were able to impress the fans and the casual gamer alike.

The trailer released of the video games started with a deep disgruntled voice stating about your “greatest fear” to which you can easily identify the villain Scarecrow.  Then there was Harley Quinn, the mad partner of Joker scheming her revenge against the dark knight.   Two-face is also making an appearance on this game, but wait he has Penguin to help him unleash terror and fear inside Arkham.  These plus their trusted wrench men are set to conquer the district.  With this line up of strong super villains, it makes you think if the Cape crusader can handle it all alone.  Can he really stop the evil deed of these antagonists?

Then came, the bat mobile. …

The bat mobile take a gothic, sophisticated design that every gamers would surely wanna drive.   Just looking at it flash those back light make you shiver, what more if you see it on live action.  It comes with a remote control that permits the player to summon it even from a distance.  And that’s not all the batmobile is jam-packed with those bag of tricks and lethal weapons that will surely aid the batsie.  But we can expect this to contradict the image they are trying to build for Batman in this game series, one that is more human, and gets affected with the things happening around him.  The series emphasize on the idea that the Batman is having a psychological battle inside his mind, one that is vulnerable.  Having a toy of this magnitude can make him look invulnerable compared to those villains.  Nonetheless this is a great game series far better than those movie adaptations.

The great difference on this series would be the upgraded battle armor of the Batman.  The developer confirmed that it is composed of new gadgets and will maximize his abilities not to mention that it will grant him new skills.  Communication has also been upgraded, this time you can expect a holographic method of communication on Batsie’s gauntlet.  Oracle is also expected to make a heavier impact on this series compared to the last one.

What I love about this particular Batman series is the courage of Rocksteady to veer away from the norm.   They are not afraid to take out huge character, to create additional characters or to build a mad and dark setting, which is what the diehard fans want, as long as the story would not be compromised.  And is it true that the Man of Steel is set to make an appearance on Batman: Arkham Knight?  Who knows, based on what we have witnessed on the previous series, the possibilities are just endless.  I am quite sure we are all in for a surprise.

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