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Best Party Games

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Let’s be honest – whilst there are some fantastic single player experiences to be had on consoles, nothing beats sitting around the TV with a few friends and indulging in a long session playing a great multiplayer game.

Although there are plenty of great multiplayer games out there, some of them are much more suited to parties than others. Below, in no particular order are 5 of the best party games around.

1. Mario Kart

No list of party games would be complete without Mario Kart. Nintendo’s ever-popular franchise is the perfect way to spend an evening with a few friends and a few beers. Be warned though – Mario Kart sessions can soon go from being a bit of light-hearted fun to a highly competitive battle for carting supremacy!

The latest version of the game is Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U, which has received near-universal praise as being one of the best entries in the series.

Retailing online for around £40 @ Amazon, GAME, and Tesco

2. Super Smash Bros

Sticking with Nintendo first party titles – Super Smash Bros is another great example of a party game. What makes Super Smash Bros such a great party game is its simple controls and highly addictive competitive gameplay. Unlike other more serious beat ’em ups, anyone can jump into Super Smash Bros and pick up the controls very easily. This makes it perfect for parties where you don’t want to spend 20 minutes explaining how to control a character to guests.

Pre-order Wii U version @ GAME (out winter 2104), 3ds version also available at Asda and Amazon

3. Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet is one of the best party experiences to be had on the PS3. The incredibly fun 2D “platformer” lets up to 4 players compete in a wide variety of levels. A big part of what makes LBP such a great party game is the incredibly fun and upbeat atmosphere. It also boasts a brilliant soundtrack. Whilst Little Big Planet 2 also provides a great party experience, there’s a unique charm to the original game that’s hard to match.

Out November 2014 pre-order @ Amazon, Grainger Games or the Exclusive Extras Edition @ GAME

4. Street Fighter IV

Fighting games are always popular at parties and one of the best games in the genre is Street Fighter IV. The Street Fighter franchise has been an iconic name in fighting games since Street Fighter II was released on the SNES. Whilst there’s certainly a high learning curve to become a Street Fighter IV master, it still allows for anyone to jump in immediately, which makes it great for parties. There’s nothing quite as fun at a party as seeing a Street Fighter IV novice beat a pro thanks to plentiful amounts of button-mashing.

It’s a bargain for around £10 @, Argos and available as a download on Steam

5. Guitar Hero

If there was ever a game built for parties, then it’s Guitar Hero. Not only is it great fun to play, but even when you’re not playing, there’s plenty of laughs to be had watching your friends doing their best Jimi Hendrix impression whilst trying to play their favourite song.

There are a lot of different versions of Guitar Hero available including “World Tour”, “Warriors of Rock” and “Greatest Hits”. You can pick most of them up fairly cheaply now, including the peripherals so if you’re looking for a great party game at a good price then you can’t really go wrong with Guitar Hero.

So many versions of this game so check them all out @ Amazon and GAME

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