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Big Wheel Beer

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Big Wheel Beer

Big Wheel beer is brewed by Amsterdam Brewery. Amsterdam beer is based in Toronto, Ontario. So for those of us in the area, it’s a great local place to support.

Amsterdam Brewery is one of the best local breweries in Southern Ontario. Big Wheel beer is sold in the regular 6/12/24 packs, and for relatively cheap. I picked up a $24 pack for $31 and change. Not too bad for  24 pack.

It pours easy, not too much head any way you pour it. The amount of head on the beer is pretty limited, and as a result you do not have to drink through an inch of foam like you might have to with a lot of other beers.

The taste is light with a bit of a fruity flavour. It’s smooth and a bit sweet, which is a nice change with how bitter a lot of beers can be with the after taste. It is not the type of beer you are going to pull an all night binger with. But it is a good lunch time beer, or just something to bring to the TV when you are relaxing at night.

It smells much like it tastes, light and fruity. So you do not have to worry about the house smelling like heavy booze if you leave the bottle out for the day.

Big Wheel Beer  seems worthy of a 6/6 . Good smooth taste at an affordable price, and if you’re in the GTA you get to support a local brewery.


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