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Black Desert closed beta starts Oct 1.

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Black Desert

For you MMO fans this is a game (Black Desert) you should be keeping an eye on as closed beta is soon to begin for Korea only this time, but it is to see the development progress by Peal Abyss.

What we know so far.

Black Desert will feature Eight Classes so far: Fighter, Ranger, Sorcerer, Predator, Wizard, Tamer, Valkyrie, and Blader.

Will have both PVE and PVP elements.

According to developers they wanted to and action combat RPG that has sandbox elements.

Black Desert will features mounts and a housing system. The housing system included fully customizable layouts and decorate to your liking.

Seamless giant world without loading times.

Black Desert will feature mounted combat, mounts can have some fighting ability also like the horse has a back kick.

Castle sieges will be can take with battles as large as 400 vs. 400.

A complete weather system that will change climates and seasons. The weather will play apart in events in the zones it effects.

You will have the ability to perform parkour style moves in around the world of Black Desert, like climbing up walls.


Black Desert Teaser






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