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Blame the Computer Games…LAME

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Blame the Computer Games

I’ve had it with parents blaming the video games on their kid’s low grades, I mean c’mon ever thought of blaming the way you raised your kids first.  In my opinion, it always comes down to the core values you implanted on your kids.  Create a happy environment for your kids and for sure they’ll be more than contented to spend their time on that typical environment.  Ask yourself why your kids are searching for something to escape their reality, or a place where they would be accepted for who they are.  Maybe you are not doing a good job as a parent.


There are also groups that are linking these games to depression and bad academic performance?  Yeah right, we just have to find something to blame other than our self, and how convenient it is to blame something that would not even complain.  The thing is not even god damn alive, so why would it care?  Ever thought of looking on how many hours a parent is willing to devote to his child to look at his notebook in school, or have you ever tried to think if the school is providing enough knowledge to its student, or if the kid has other problem.  But instead of looking for the real issue, we diverted the public attention to a computer game.  There are many types of games and most of them are trying to enrich the thinking of our younger generation and practice their mind on school subjects.


And we are not yet done; some people are also blaming video games on their child’s violent behavior.  I mean are you for real.  FYI violent games only comprise the 10% of the computer games and you just neglected the 90% games designed to improve their critical thinking.  And furthermore how much can a video game influence a child if the parents are teaching him with the proper values of life?  It does not always come down to these games.


Games are designed to entertain just like movies and TV shows, as you may already know movies and TV shows has a classification based on what age are appropriate for them, but they are allowed to be seen by the younger audience if they are accompanied by a guardian.  TV shows never failed to remind you how important it is for the parents to guide their kids on the things they watched.  They need to know about these things and it is up to those parents on how they are going to explain it to their kids.  Do not blame the video games, kids will know about violence one way or the other, unless your kids are too imbecile.  They need someone’s insights on how to fully understand these things.


There are other factors that affect a kid’s performance in school; teachers’ guidance, school’s participation on enriching the kid, parents’ willingness to guide them and the failure of the kid to devote most of his time on studies (which can be anything, not just computer games).  In the end the blame always fall under these parents that failed to enlighten their children and build a proper foundation for their core values.  Blaming a computer game for these things is like blaming the heat of the sun for global warming, immature and pointless.  We are no longer seeing the positive and useful things that a certain thing is giving us since we are too focus on finding someone to blame.  Most of us are too good in pointing fingers at others, which is very convenient… HYPOCRITES.

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