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Brothers A Tale of Two Sons

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Brothers A Tale of Two Sons


Brothers A Tale of Two Sons is an action/adventure and puzzle game that is made by Starbreeze Studios and published by 505 Games.

If you are looking for something different to play then this is game for you. As you play you control both brothers and can control both of them at the same time with separate controls. For some this can be a lot to handle, but with a little practice you will get the hang of it.

It’s like playing co-op with yourself, but you could always have someone join in playing on the same keyboard. I think this would be a great game to play with a child, if they’re willing to help you constructively.



As the game starts out you are the younger brother (Naiee) kneeling at the grave of your mother, as you sit there you see her again and what became her demise. The older brother (Nyaa) calls to you awakening you from the vision of your mother, with news your father is sick and needs help.

The two brothers put their father on a cart and prepare to make the trip to the doctor’s house. With one brother pushing and the other pulling you get your first taste of what it’s like to control two characters at once.


As you make your way to the doctor’s house, he meets you outside, taking the father in to treat his illness. The doctor explains that he doesn’t have what he needs to treat the father and send the boys out to look for what he needs. This is where your real adventure begins and I will lay off the story, so I don’t give away too much.

Playing both bother characters at the same my poses the biggest challenge in Brothers A Tale of Two Sons. Once you get over the controls you will have mastered the hardest part of the game, well there are a few puzzles that might get you scratching your head too.


The game controls with using the WASD and the arrows keys for brother number 2. As challenging as it might be to control two characters at the same might sound, it’s really not at all that bad because most of the time you’re just trying to solve puzzles that need you to hold one key or the other to complete it.



Brothers A Tale of Two Sons has graphics that are clean and crisp with a great art style somewhat cartoonish, but very fitting for the setting in-game. The character models are done well with clean animations, watch the younger brother as he harasses some of the locals with tricks.

I really love the environments of the game and how they were laid out to make the game a challenge by a doable challenge. Environments have great lighting effects to add to the great artwork.



The sounds in Brothers A Tale of Two Sons are also done very well. For me what stand out the most is when the people in-game talk or should I say more like mumble. I have found very little to dislike in the sound depart in Brothers A Tale of Two Sons.


Brothers A Tale of Two Sons is a great game that doesn’t bog you down with a bunch of details and a long-winded story. You just jump in start playing and you’re hooked.

This is a great game that can be played by two people cooperatively, but is also fine alone if you can manage to play two characters at once. Brothers A Tale of Two Sons was worth every penny and a great game to play for a change to normal games out on the market.

Verdict 5 of 6


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