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Brown Ale by Shipyard Brewing

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Brown Ale

by Shipyard Brewing

It pours dark brown with amber highlights. The head didn’t last very long very long at all.

The smell of the sweetness of caramel and molasses come through at first. Later on a metallic like smell can be sensed.

Tasting is smooth and sweet which can be expected from most brown ales. The second drink adds a little more of a bitter after bite from the hops and roasted barley. Carbonation is strong and fizzy in your mouth. It is almost soda pop like in the beginning.

This beer has 5.4% alcohol content and has a not so heavy feeling. Going down quite light for brown ale’s is a little different, which gives it a high drinkable rating.

This beer has good taste but the carbonation is a distraction on the overall quality of the product. It’s not the best brown ale on the market but its still worth a taste. Give it try and let me know what you think.

 Verdict 4 of 6


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