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Browsing on the History of Gaming

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History of Gaming

I think it is just right for a site like us to talk about the history of computer gaming.  Unknown to some of us, computer gaming started to exist during the 1940’s, it became a part of the pop culture at around the 70’s era.  Now online gamings are just everywhere, it probably takes most of the time of people using social media than chatting with their friends.

1947 is said to be the year when the very first game was developed for playing on a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube).  It is quite a simple game made by Estle Ray Mann and Thomas T. Goldsmith.  He game is a simulation of a missile being fired at a target and most probably inspired by the World War 2.  In 1952 a graphical version of the popular game tic-tac-toe was developed by s. Douglas and believe it or not the same concept is still popular over the internet.

William Higinbotham has been given most of the credits in inventing the video game; this is when he developed a game named Tennis for Two to give delight to the visitor in a laboratory in New York.  Unlike some of the early games there are elements that affect the synchronicity of the ball and on top of that it requires to be played on the net.

Computer games during the 1960’s are merely presented on the universities and colleges, most of these games are only produced by students to keep them busy, but more often than not these games have been forgotten by time due to problems in accessibility.  PVP players first started on 1961 when collective students from MIT designed a game named Spacewar, they developed the game in a manner that two human players will be able to control a spaceship that has the ability to fire missile.  On 1962 Spacewar was distributed making it the very first game to be publicly available. Ken Thompson focused on creating an operating system for GE-645, sadly the game never made it into mainstream but this led to the creation of the UNIX OS.  1966 when the first game that can be displayed on the television was introduced, the game was developed by Ralph Baer.  Baer continued on innovating his games and shortly in 1968 he produced a prototype that has the capability to play several games.

The 1970’s is the start of the Golden Age of Video Games.  The coin operated arcade games boosted the popularity of video games.  Bushnell founded his own company, Atari in 1972.  The very first arcade game was introduced the same year, Atari’s Pong made a huge success which prompted the start of the gaming industry.  Exidy’d Death race, Space Invaders, Night Driver, Breakout, Galaxian are some of the most popular title of video games in this era.  Also during the 70’s when Mattel contracted John Denker on writing the race game that we know today.

During the 80’s the success of video games continued, iy has been a battle of technicality, genre and innovation.  Defender took over the shooting game, Battlezone  is the first to use a 3d surrounding, 3d Monster Maze is the very first 3d for home computers, and Dungeons of Daggorath  made it a little more complicated by adding various elements in the game such as weapons, music and sound effects.  This year was also conquered by the Adventure type of game such as Zork, Mystery House, Commodore 64 and ZX spectrum. The 1980’s also marks the birth of Apple Macintosh but it wasn’t till 1987 when the colored version was Introduced (Mac II).  Early online games, Handheld LCD games i.e. the popular game and watch and some of the first 8 bit games was introduce during this circa.


90’s cemented the status of gaming, stating as if they are here to stay, it matures into a grandiose Hollywoodish surroundings.  It has been a battle of money with the smaller game producing company being slaughtered by the giant developers.  Dune II was released on 1992 and set the level of standard in game such as Warcraft.  Alone in the Dark paved the way for Resident Evil, Silent Hill and other horror-survival games.  It was also in 1996 when the Voodoo chipset was released enabling higher resolution and more complicated games such as Quake.  Furthermore early MMORPG games were offered by some of the companies such as Blizzard and Microsoft.

But the massive development of these games led to the decline of arcade games, the last successful title of an arcade game was during the early 90’s with Street Fighter 2. Arcade games became more inclined to exercise and body movements such as the Dance Dance Revo.  The 8bit game was an old news as the 90’s presented the 16 bit, 32/ 64 bit.  Sega also released the popular Dreamcast in the year 1998 and was introduced to the US in 1999.


The new millennium holds the title of some of the most important happening in the history of gaming such as the release of Playstation 2, Game boy Advance, Xbox, Dreamcast, Ngage etc.  It also holds the most popular title in gaming history like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Halo, Half-Life, Doom 3 and a lot more.  It also started the rise of the casual Pc Games like some of the games we are playing on Facebook.

Games will continue to be innovative and trendy.  They will last more than this lifetime or over the next few years.  As of now there is a never ending possibility for a game to be developed.  Video games will continue to entertain us and entice our minds.


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