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Camping Out

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Camping Out

Camping out is a popular term on online games that means staying at a certain level, makes sense? Online games today have come up with an event exclusive for certain levels.  It is like a last man standing, the only difference is that you need to attend events based on your level.  Most of the time the event is separated into 5 categories, the novice category which is for level 11-50, the intermediate(51-80),  the normal (81-110), the advance(111-141), and the expert for (141-up).  Sometimes players would love to camp out on a certain level and boast it to the world that they are the king of that bracket.  While I have no problems about those players, there are a few things I would like to remind you before deciding to camp out.


One needs to consider that while he’s camping out; other people will decide to level up and increase their attributes.  Some of you will say that there are ways to increase your power while maintaining your level.  Yup, it doesn’t always rely on level; there are equipments, skills, buffs etc.  But people who have higher levels than you, have access to a higher level of equipments, plus the increase on their main attributes that goes along with their level.  You can’t possibly argue on those matters.


Also remember that there is only one king on that level, and as long as there are new players entering  the game, the tendency for you to be dethroned (at least if ever you had the chance to be the king) is very high. The event takes place every day, players will try to topple you, and in the end someone stronger than you will occupy your place.  Your name will be easily forgotten.


Another thing you need to look is the Merge, when the time comes that the original server needs to be merged to other server; there is a high risk that your character will come short of the other kings in the other server.  Since there is just a little difference when it comes to the strength, it will be a never ending battle for the position; the satiety effect will hit you, and will decide to leave that bracket eventually.


What happens when you decide to leave that category?  You will find out that you are no longer in the league of those people who didn’t camp out.  While they are enjoying getting on to higher dungeons and maps, with better equipment, you were left a novice.  In the end you wasted your time, money and energy.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ll decide to quit the game after.  It is just so frustrating to see that those people you used to toy with are now way beyond your reach.


I agree that it is so exciting to see your name flash out on the world chat, congratulating you as the new king of a certain group.  King?  How are kings identified? Do they have to see your name flash on the big screen for them to identify that you are the king?  I sincerely think that you just need to work your ass off for others to recognize you as one of the top player.  But if you ever decide to camp out, please do consider the factors mentioned as a warning to everyone.


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