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Carlsberg Beer

Posted on 9/26/2013 by with 4 comments


Carlsberg Danmark A/S


Now you might be asking me why on earth I picked this to do a review of? Well let’s just nostalgia, this beer was drank by me on several occasions where I was with good friends and now were all apart so many miles away.

To be on honest I miss those days, so I figured I would have a few of these and remember the old times and share the experience with you.


Carlsberg pours clear straw colored to a golden yellow. Crystal clear. The pour only results in a very small head the hangs around for a good amount of time before leaving a slick layer of foamy lacing.


Carlsberg smells of grassy to malty with a faint touch of skunk to sulfur smell coming in at the end.


Carlsberg begins very well with a bready grains slight maltyness and an above average amount of carbonation. On second drink I got more of a caramel sweetness and a little more of the bitterness of the hop finally coming through.


Ok so I will admit what I remember about this beer from the old day was totally wrong, I guess it was the good times and friend that’s made this a better beer. You might need 5-6 before you start saying this is a good beer and then again I think that was the problem all along those years ago.

Overall this is a boring beer that is drinkable, but far to light in the taste department. This is a much better beer than your average domestic beer which won’t mention because I don’t want to sully this blog, but just better and that’s all.

Verdict: 2 of 6


4 responses to Carlsberg Beer

  1. On September 27th, 2013 at 4:10 am , Cirsten said...

    You really made me laugh: “…a faint touch of skunk to sulfur smell…”. Good one!

  2. On October 6th, 2013 at 5:26 pm , Slacker said...

    Damn, I hate this beer. In Lithuania it’s made by Švyturys and it sucks so hard… Wonder how it tastes abroad.

  3. On October 6th, 2013 at 9:10 pm , Chris said...

    I would say its an lower average beer, with very little flavor

  4. On October 9th, 2013 at 4:43 pm , Richard-Dean said...

    I drank one of these for the first time yesterday in Killarney, Ireland. It was on tap and came in a nice Carlsberg glass. I must say that I was really disappointed. For something that seems to be as popular here as Bud Light is in America, I found it lacking in appealing flavor and depth. It’s light and tastes as you describe but I couldn’t even bring myself to finish it because the taste was bland and just all around not very good.

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