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Causes of game burn out.

Posted on 7/31/2013 by with 2 comments

game burn out

Yes amazing but true, I do get game burn out just as most of you do also. Lately the trend I have been seeing is that I get bored with some brand new games before I really even know if there any good or not.

I think is a combination of three major things that cause game burn out.

Part One: Game Burn Out

The first one being that a lot of the game I play are very similar in game play style, so they all blend together.

Way back when the original Doom came out, my brother made up his own video gaming disease called “Doomitis”.

Doomitis was the effect of an extremely flat tunneled 3d world and lack of processing power to actually make it all work smoothly. This did some crazy stuff to your eyes and I would get nausea so that I couldn’t play anymore. Doomitis was very common back then because of limited 3d graphics and how they were handled.

Today the problem is more of a genre overuse than what I described above. We need more out of the box thinking when it comes to game design/mechanics and this wouldn’t be an issue at all. Let’s face it, if you are in a fantasy game we expect the classes (mage, ranger, rogue, knights, etc.), but let’s put a twist on the story that has been told a million time already.

Part Two: Game Burn Out

OK, the second part is that I believe that a lot of games are rushed so they can sell you DLC after the fact and they don’t worry too much about the actual original game and story contained in it. This trend is very worrisome to my fellow gamers.

I have played many AAA games that the single player storyline only lasted a few hours and then a week later look at this DLC is already available. Why didn’t you put this in the release of the game, oh yeah that’s right because of greed?

I really hope that isn’t the case but it seems more and more to be that way. I have supported a lot of game companies over the years, all I want is to get my money’s worth out my next purchase.

Part Three: Game Burn Out

There is only one other cause of game burn out and that is overplaying a game till you’re sick of it. Oh, I can’t even count the number of times that I have done this to myself.

We can avoid this by taking breaks, try going outside for a walk once in a while fatty! Sorry just venting a bit there. Taking breaks from a game is probably the only to get around this problem.



Is it just me or is anyone else seeing this trend? So today I ask you, do you get game burn out?

2 responses to Causes of game burn out.

  1. On August 2nd, 2013 at 6:10 pm , Rawle Nyanzi said...

    With me, it isn’t so much “game burnout” as not completing some of the games I start. Sometimes, I just don’t want to bother when I could be doing something more productive. Other times, I just keep going and going and going until I win, even to the point of hangover.

  2. On August 2nd, 2013 at 6:37 pm , Mumin said...

    Hear hear! Day one DLC, corporate deadlines, obligatory multiplayer, always online, microtransactions… it has to end!What’s next? Lobotomy required to register your game? I am very worried indeed…

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