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Causes of launch day madness.

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I started thinking about all the games I waited for over the years and there always is some hiccups even if just slight on launch day. As I wondered I started coming up with ideas of what the problem might have been, here is my list of things that might have happened.

Lack of Planning?

So your favorite new online game has just launched, can you even get on the server to play. Most likely not. It isn’t as if the developers and support staff didn’t not plan for this. Sometimes things just go to hell really fast and there is no planning that can solve this problem.

Was this all due to lack of planning?

Not ready after all?

So launch was going fine until a software exploit brought everything crashing down along with the games in game economy, or maybe a bug has screwed up the launcher so nobody can connect to the game servers.

Was the coding not ready for launch?

Lack of resources?

You and all your friend have pre-downloaded the game with anticipation of launch in the morning. As morning comes launch day has great you with server queues, that estimates your wait will 3 or 4 hours. As you wait you get disconnected, but you try again to no avail.

Was there lack of resources in the server department the problem today?

Lack of Management?

The game is almost unplayable, when you are able to play the game the lag makes it a challenge, but at least you’re in. What direction was the management pointing to get there crew working together? Mismanagement can be the cause of a lot of business problems along with everything having to do with this project.

Did lack of management cause this bad launch?

Customer Support?

I don’t know how many times I have read of people that cant log in because of something screwy with their account and there is little or no support to help them out. You will be waiting for hours on the phone to talk to someone who doesn’t have a clue what is wrong, so they reset your account and security questions, hopefully that will work.

Did customer support drop the ball?

So today I ask you, what launch day horrors have you gone through?


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    Excellent stuff

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