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Celebration Ale

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Celebration Ale

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

I figured since it is only a day away from Thanksgiving that I should find a beer that goes well with turkey and all of the fixings that go with it. What I found and named appropriately was Celebration Ale, so here goes it.


Celebration Ale pours a golden amber to a lightly cloudy orange with a thick off white head that slowly fades into a dense cap with lacing around the edges.



The smell of Celebration Ale is that of citrus to piney hopes with touch of tropical fruit just for good measure. On the second whiff, the maltyness of the beer is there right along with more of a caramel sweetness.

There is something a little different to the smell of this but I can’t put my finger on it, this seem more on pair with a seasonal beer and I hope that I can spot this when I taste it. I thinks more floral than anything, I want to see what this did to the taste.


The most dominant feature of Celebration Ale is that of a grapefruit and other citrus flavors and at the end you get a strong taste of the woody of the toasted hops. You have all the makings of a traditional IPA with a little twist in the overall flavor. I want to say now that I think there is a touch of pineapple and that might be the smell that threw me off earlier.

This beer tends to have the citrus over powering the malty sweetness, but it still packs a lot of flavor and it is a great change than a normal IPA.



Sierra Nevada has crafted a great beer that isn’t too heavy, great flavor, and will go great with your turkey day dinner or just about any meal. This is a solid beer that I will look forward to when it can be found in it seasonal brew period. Overall great beer!

Verdict 5 of 6





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