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Celebrities inside the game?

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Celebrities inside the game?

Cameo appearances of some famous celebs have seemed to show from time to time to a few video games.  Let us list some of the most popular celebs who appeared on a video game.

One of them is Andy Warhol who appeared in the game The Sims: Superstar on the year 2003, though it is only a posthumous appearance.  The Expansion of the game also features some of the prominent personalities like Avril Lavigne, Jon Bon Jovi and Marilyn Monroe.  Then there’s Sarah Palin who made it on the game of Pandemic Studio. Mercenaries 2 which was released last 2008 also featured Barack Obama in a bit of sarcastic approach.

But contrary to what we believe, cameo appearance of some famous personalities on video games started long before the 20th Century.  Aerosmith was kinda the leader on the field of music when they were spotted on the 1994 arcade game, Revolution X.  Aerosmith was perfect for the rock n roll theme of the game. Phil Collins also failed to elude the bright lights of the video games as he made a cameo role on GTA: Vice City last 2006.  The gamer would have the uncanny task of bringing Phil Collins into one of his gig while following the command of a director. Postal 2 thought that the element of violence included in the game is not enough to make it a success thus they hired the service of Gary Coleman. Gary Coleman was well known for his appearance on Diff’rent Strokes.  And Just like Phil Collins, the players need to fulfill a specific task that involves Coleman.

And what do you know, Justin Bieber was also seen lurking inside the NBA 2K13.  Though I am questioning the choice of the people behind this game, since with that height of him, he’s not the obvious choice.   But some players are not surprised cause they have been using some of the most unlikely people to make a cameo appearances in games like Hillary Clinton, Beastie Boys or Sarah Palin.

I believe that cameo appearances of a celebrity or a prominent personality may be intriguing but will do a little or nothing to the success of the game.   Seeing a familiar face inside the game might be fun but it will still go down, on what the game can offer to us rather than a pop star playing a basketball.  Most of the time cameo appearance does more help to the celebrity rather than the games.

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