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Game Cheats, Tips and Tricks

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Game Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Game Cheats, Tips and Tricks

I am surprised when I found out that one of the highest search term regarding on online gaming are “Cheats on Online games” which is just unfortunate for someone like me, since it only means that more and more players are losing the right attitude towards gaming  (I can’ really say the same for everyone).  Today we will discuss all the things with regards to Cheats, Tips and Tricks, on how far one player will go in order for him to master the game.  So if you are looking for cheats on Neverwinter or Free VIP status, you will not see any of those in here.

Tips: Game Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Let us first talk about tips, I am one of those people who will search for those tips on online games. I do not basically follow everything they said, but I love to get an idea and from there I would create my own formula.  It is not bad to listen to others. You might find something useful based on their gaming experience and hopefully avoid the same mistakes they did. 

Hats off to those who want to experience the game on their own, not caring whether they would trip on their way.   Tips are still tolerable since it doesn’t take advantage on some aspects of the game and is still within the rules of games. 

An example would be a Tip on How to have a higher percentage on acquiring legendary dragons on Dragon City, I actually followed the instruction, I can’t say it worked the first time but after a few tries it finally did.

Tricks: Game Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Tricks, I tried a few of them and end up regretting about doing it.  Yeah some of the times I get the result that I was looking for but still it felt unreal, it seems like I received something not just for free but in an illegal way.  Most of us are being tempted in using tricks since everyone else are doing it, you’re character might be left behind if you do not do the same.  But most tricks are not under the terms of the game.

But there are other tricks that can be done outside the game.  For example, US players are given a chance to earn extra coin in Pockie Pirates by doing surveys, or watching YouTube videos. That coin will give them the ability to purchase golden bean that will enable them to achieve VIP status.  There is actually a trick for the Asians to see those surveys and videos (If you are interested in knowing the trick, then leave a way on how I can contact you)

Cheats:Game Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Finally Cheats, Cheating in the game is like cheating yourself, you feel almighty but it is still pointless, you achieve a higher rank but are still ignorant about the game.  Games are not only about reaching a high status; it is about appreciating the whole game and all the elements that can be found in it.  Cheating is disregarding everything and focusing on yourself and that is your thirst to be acknowledged by the others, but come to think of it, it is still a fake acknowledgement.

At the end of the day, it is you who will decide on what to do with your account.  Whether you would do the long way of grinding your characters and using the path that the righteous took or do the shortcut and do a few cheats. 

So do not go crying when someone reports you for fraud since you really are doing something a fraudulent.  Chances are, your account will be banned and you will start anew.  The GMs won’t really care about some of the hard work you did. Online games, Pc Games and other types of Games provide enough resources for us to survive the challenges inside the game.

So there you have it my look on Game Cheats, Tips and Tricks.

Game Cheats, Tips and Tricks


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