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City of Steam Review

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City of Steam

City of Steam

Developer: Mechanist Games

Publisher: Reality Squared Games



City of Steam sounded like something a little bit different than my normal selection of games that I would play, so I decided to give it a try.

City of Steam is a Free to Play steampunk themed browser based RPG game that, has all the looks and feels of a fully downloaded game. If you didn’t know this was a browser based you probably wouldn’t know it.

City of Steam has abundance of races to choose from featuring 10 playable races to pick from, but at the same only four classes to choose from. The classes are Arcanist (mage), Gunner (ranged), Warder (warrior), and Channeler (healer). I choose the gunner class for this game review.

The game plays very much like any current MMO game, the controls are also very similar WASD controls along with skills on the # keys, and using your mouse button for pan and rotate camera controls.



As the game open we are treated to movie to get us up to speed on what has happened to get us to this point in game. The movie talks about the main in game city of Delton and how it prospered for years until a strange relic fell from the sky. The relic awakened the city protector colossus, this was the beginning of the end of the city of Delton.

Once the movie finishes your character is positioned in the Delton Hostel area, where you are instructed on how to move interact with items and of course combat. As we finish the first parts of this tutorial you learn a little more about the relic which fell from the sky dooming the city.


We then move on into Delton’s ruins to help you Find Tana who needs help in the warehouse. The Warehouse is crawling with broodlines which attack on site.

After clearing out the warehouse you meet up with Tana again ahead in to the Delton Tunnels, this is where I’ll stop spoiling the story for you, so you can experience it all.

Overall City of Steam was fun to play early on, but it gets very repetitive as you get in to the high levels. When you make it to a new zone, you will see that most of the content is all in adjoining zones through doors and lifts. Once you clear all the adjoining doors you move to the next zone, rinse repeat.

I have two characters one made just for this review and a second on that is at level 24.

Overall game is fun, but can get repetitive but is great for when you have limited game time.



The world of City of Steam is a dreary and for the most part ruins, so the graphics can get a bit drab, but I think they did a good job with browser based game. Is it up to standards with your average MMO game graphics, that’s an easy answer, no!

The game has some weirdness going on too, because at time some items in game look really good and some items look as though they were just forgotten about all together.

Overall the graphics are fair to low.



The sounds and music in City of Steam is really good it sets the tone and feel for each area, without seeing the screen you will know if you are in danger at any time from the music alone.

As with most game they could with a little variation in sounds during combat so that don’t get to repetitive, but I have the issue with most games.

Overall the sounds are the high point of this game.



I like the whole idea of a steampunk based world that is in City of Steam, I just think it requires a little better execution. Now don’t get me wrong I think this is a fun game, but it is of a repetitive nature so you play this for hours on end. It is great for just a quick jump in for minutes at a time.

Graphics are low quality even set to highest setting, so if you like full eye candy this game is not for you.

Overall I would say this game that is worth trying, I don’t you will be addicted to it like some AAA games but it is fun and worth taking a look at. I don’t see this game winning any awards, but it has a great niche following similar to some cult horror movies. Learn more about City of Steam


Verdict is 4 of 6



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