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Color Rush Ninja

Posted on 8/4/2013 by with 0 comments

Developer: derpArts

Publisher: Itunes

Color Rush Ninja is a infinite distance game on the iPhone, this type of game has become all the range on the iPhone thanks to its simple game play mechanic and easy to pick up game play style, this type of game is playable by anyone of any age and suits the iPhone perfectly.

Color Rush Ninja

The graphics despite being very simple are quite fun, All the backgrounds are in water colours, the background is also layered, with the sky giving way to the mountains, which gives to the trees, which gives way to the grass and finally our ninja. this is bright and colourful and is only enhanced by the obstacles having goofy faces. Although i liked the graphics, the developer really took advantage of what the iPhone could do, you better get ¬†used to looking at it because that’s all there is, for the entire run of the game, they don’t even give you a night level.

Color Rush Ninja sees you running from left to right jumping over obstacles trying to get as far as you can, the further you get the more money you get, for every 100 metres you get 1 pound, you also get 1 pound for ever bird you kill, this money can be used to buy upgrades, in color ninja you have 2 upgrade paths, one is for weapons and the other is for longer jumps, the higher up the skill tree you go the more money it costs. getting these upgrades seems like a daunting task at first but thankfully the difficultly does ramp quite nicely with the game, these upgrade naturally make it easier to get money, this should go without saying but let’s be honest we’ve all played games that seem to forget this fact.


Color Rush Ninja does support game centre but has absolutely no form of achievements, I know many will call me an achievement whore and to them I say “proud”. I like achievements. They add a new dimension to a game and give you very clear objectives to follow, not to mention the bragging rights, the game does support leader boards with your friends. This is great if you have friends but I’m forever alone and none of my friends have an iPhone so this was a pointless feature for me.

Overall I would give Color Rush Ninja a 3, it’s a very nice to look at and the musical score matches the game perfectly, i know i never mentioned it within my review but there is not much to say, its soft and listless and fits in perfectly with the game style, the problems I have with this game are very slight but there there, there was a number of glitches that kept happening to me, the floor kept disappearing for example or boxes would just appear in front of without any warning, the lack of any real game centre support and very shallow upgrade system hurt this game, you get the sense that this could have been amazing, if they just put a bit more effort in. this tries so hard but never quite lives up to its potential for me. Ultimately this game was just like Anna Kornekova, pretty to look at but ultimately lacking any real substance.



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