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Common Problems of Browser Games

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The browser games have unleashed a new system of gaming, diminishing your long hours of waiting before you can play the game into just about a few minutes.  But having said that a lot of gamers engaged on browser type of games especially the MMO are having some similar problems i.e. missing items, getting stuck on a certain stage, unable to join any of the events or even graphics problem.  Today we are giving you tips on how you can avoid these problems.


Some of you might have experienced missing some valuable items especially after the maintenance period.    Missing items usually occur because the system failed to record your activity.  So we are suggesting to log out of the game 10 minutes before the maintenance.  Be sure to exit all the instances areas period especially on those events because there is a tendency that they will reset.  Exiting the game 10 minutes prior to the maintenance guaranteed that all your activity for that day will be saved thus avoiding losing not only items but also experience and other valuable elements of the game.


Another problem would be getting stuck on a certain stage or unable to participate on a certain event.  This might happen because of the updates applied on the system.  In case you are experiencing this kind of trouble, exit the game and clear your browser’s cache.  This would definitely solve your problem, and by the next time you log-in to your account you’ll be able to move freely.


The solution above can also be applied when there are missing elements in the game after upgrade.  Just exit the game and clear your browser history, and voila the new patch will be applied on your account.


One type of problem though it’s not really that alarming is the double send on the world chat, I myself has an experience on those double sends on the chat world, I didn’t bother looking into it until yesterday when I have the time.  The solution is simple try to upgrade the firmware on the router, and if it still doesn’t work upgrade your web browser you should be able to remove those double sends or triple sends on the world chat.


The most annoying problem would be the crashing of the flash player; you might experience getting the notification “The following plug-in has crashed…”  One reason why you are getting this type of notification is due to the use of multiple web browsers thus you might have a possibility of multiple type of flash player installed into your system.  Let us fix it in the chrome browser.  First would be to open you chrome, enter about:plugins into your web address, this would display the chrome plugins, press CTRL+f and type flash for you to easily locate the flash devices.  Here you might see that you have a multiple type of flash installed, click the +details on the flash to be able to see the full details on the flash plugins, find out the location of each flash plugins.  There are different  types of flash plugins, if you have one version of it, just make sure that the adobe version is enabled and disable the others.  If you have two version chrome and pepperflash just disable the pepperflash and enable the chrome version. If you have Chrome, Adobe and Pepperflash, enable the Adobe and disable the others.  Download the latest Adobe standalone flash version, close your chrome browser and install.   You should be able to play your favorite web browser game without experiencing those annoying crash.


And there you have it, the simple fixes one can do to enjoy their gaming habit.  Be sure to send us queries about your concerns and let us see what we can do with it.   Happy gaming everyone.


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  1. On September 19th, 2013 at 4:30 am , The Otaku Judge said...

    The only browser based game I play is the Avengers one on Facebook. Man it sucks when it crashes and you waste valuable energy.

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