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Contests/tournaments in game.

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So today I was wondering why more online/MMO games don’t have more online contents/tournaments going on in game? This seem like a something to do to keep people more interested in your game.

So you make this great game, now how about giving back to your community by handing out a few prizes to your fans.

So I looked around and there are a few games have these going on soon.

Upcoming Contests/Tournaments

Guild Wars 2: Is hosting invitational tournaments for 5vs5 PVP. Winning teams receive $7500 and a studio tour. First part of the tournaments start on July 27-28 for Europe, and August 3-4 for North America.

Sound like fun, I might have to put together a team for that, I will follow up if I get a team together. Find out more here

FireFall: Is having what they call Open Cup starting on August 4th  for North American and European players, this is 5vs5 team jet ball tournament. There will be $10,000 in prizes monthly, $1000 for weekly winners, and $5000 for monthly finals.

Signups has already started so get on over to the official site and sign up. Firefall is a free to play game so you have no excuses. Find out more here

MLG (Major League Gaming): So you want to go pro! MLG has stuff going on everyday if you have the skills then you could always go this route and really play for money.

You can play just about any game on any game console or PC for cash, prizes, and the glory of being the best. Find out more here


These were the best things I could find right now, but I’ll keep an eye out for any other contests going on in the future. I really wish there was more of this in games today what do you think?

So today I ask you, do you think there should be contest/tournaments in-game?

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