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Crowd Funding for Games?

Posted on 3/19/2013 by with 1 comment


What is the deal with crowd funding? Crowd funding seems to be the latest way to get a game funded. I guess it is a lot easier to get public funding from crowd funding than going to your investors or actually using company funds to make a game that would just be just awful.

Why should I pay your development costs instead of your investors? Last time I checked the investors took the risk to invest in your company. Now if it was I was really looking forward to maybe, but I can see paying for a dream that could possible never get delivered.

I understand there is a need for this type of funding for indie and new start ups, but it starting to be common to see well established companies taking advantage of these funding sources. Not really fair to the little guys, I get it life isn’t fair!

For me if I ever take the plunge and give money to a crowd sourcing group I would like to see more indie developers survive so I go out of my way to support them.

I would also like to see how many crowd sourced item that were funded that never got completed because if you haven’t noticed there are a lot of idiots out there! I read a good one the other day we have no game making experience, but we want to make a game anyway! Good luck to them, but after screwed up launch after launch of AAA games, I don’t see them succeeding.

Come on established game companies I could name names, but I’m trying to be nice here. Stay off the crowd funding sites and let the little guys have their day in the sun. We know you had to go through hell to get to where you are today, but you don’t have to make it harder for them at the same time.

That’s just one person’s opinion. What do you think about crowd funding for games?

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  1. On April 4th, 2013 at 8:15 pm , Hossainbd said...

    I am really pleased to know about the Crowd funding which is the latest way to get a game funded now a days.However, the Crowd funding is really effective way of funding in my eyes.Such funding is needed for the development of game to be honest.

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