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Cube World Preview

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Cube World

Developer/Publisher Picoroma

Cube World is a game that looks similar to Minecraft, but is more of an RGP game that features four playable classes (Mage, Ranger, Rogue, and Warrior).  The world is randomly generated and is huge to say the least.


Cube World is all about exploring and finding crafting item that you combine to make better items at crafting station throughout the game.  You will die a lot in game and then just re-spawn close by.


Cube World is still in alpha but available to play if you purchase the game as is right now. Updates are coming fast and furious so have no fear if you would like to see improvements to game.


I started my adventure in game creating an Elf Rogue. Entering the world I found a town called Lugoior, which I headed that way browsing through the marketplace and bustling town center.  


As I left town I got closer to a farm area where I helped myself to some pumpkins and pineapples. These can be used to make muffins a pineapple slices that at as health potions.


After the farm my adventure took me too the desert landscape of Ikolon.  

So far I am having a blast in Cube World and I can’t wait to get back into game again. I will makes some videos later this week. If you would like to learn more about Cube World please check out their web site Cube World

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