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Cube World

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 Cube World

Developer/Publisher: Picroma



For the couple months or so I have been on an Indie gaming kick, so I figured why stop now.

Cube World is a voxel based action RPG game made by Picorama. Cube World is an inspiration of the classics RPG’s like Legend of Zelda, Diablo, and MineCraft, but at the same adding its own elements of varying landscape and unlimited terrains that are randomly generated as you play in game.

Cube World has for playable character classes (Warrior, Ranger, Mage or Rogue) and 8 playable races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Goblin, Lizardmen, Undead, and Frogman).

Now bear in mind that Cube World is still in alpha stage of development, but you will not be disappointed this game is playable. I have yet to run across any ground breaking bugs.



As Cube World open you are instructed to create a character for your adventure in game. I picked the rogue class as I play this style in a lot of RPGs. You’re asked to pick race, gender, class, face style, and hair style and color.

Once your character is created the only thing left is to create the world to play in you can pick and existing world if you already played, if not pick new and name it and your off. I believe the world is randomly generated based on the name that choose similar to Minecraft.

Once the world is generated you’re dropped in to start your adventures. I start on a small island that has very few animals on it so, I proceed north across the ocean to the next island. In Cube World you can swim all the way across or do what I do a lot walk across the bottom of the ocean fighting everything in my path.

As a Minecraft player like me, you must remember that in Cube World you level up just like you do in most RPG’s, and each level brings points to spend in a skill of your choice.

The next island has a lot more stuff to fight a few nomads that are looking for a fight, along with lot of lower level animal which is exactly what I was looking for. After a few battles I level up and I add a few points to my fighting skills.

After battle you need to keep an eye on items you loot, because you can find some food items that are used to tame pets that follow you along and even fight for you when needed. These pets can help out a lot as you progress they do also.


As you explore more you will find all kinds of dungeons and places to visit. The local cities can help you with supplies along with using crafting stations to turn items you have harvested and mined into better weapons and armor.

With an unlimited map you need to find and take everything you can carry that will make your life easier in game. I could ramble on and on about Cube World. For a game that is straight forward and easy enough you can make it as complicated as you want.

So far I explored more 927km of my main character, finding a few honey holes along the way. So far my favorite is an island that is littered with beetles. For me these are great fighting and they drop lots of good items.

One thing that I haven’t done enough to comment on yet, is the multiplayer having only done this once with my brother. This something I would like to do more and plan to more often. All I can say is everything worked and it was easy to connect to the other person.

Overall Cube World is a solid game and it deserve more recognition than it gets, I highly recommend people giving this a try.



What can I say about the graphics of cube world, there rather blocky to say the least! The graphics are like an upgraded version of MineCraft, but lacking texturing on most of the blocks just using base colors to fill the block.

The graphics can and have turned people from playing these style of games, but all I can say is there missing a great game for not giving this a shot.


The sounds in Cube World are right out of your favorite 8bit game, to some might be over simplified but these sounds really fit in with this game.

If you’re not a fan of bleeps, bonks, and pings then you might not have the right game, but I overall love the sounds of Cube World.



Every once in a while the Indie teams come up with a great concept and pull through with a great game this is one of those occasions. Cube World is a refreshing game that came out of nowhere and is on my playlist for the months to come.

Cube World has all the potential in the world to be a 6 out of 6 game, but I really would like to see where this games goes during it development stage. As more features are added then we’ll reevaluate this score as we return to it in the future, but as it is now it is a solid 5 of 6.

Learn more about Cube World HERE

Verdict is 5 of 6


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