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Dangers of a Shortened URL

Posted on 9/3/2013 by with 2 comments

A lot of times you will encounter a post in a game forum, fan site, fan page or even on an e-mail about someone asking you to click a shortened URL for you to receive rewards.  If not rewards, game bots and cheat engines link are also using these styles.  The function of shortened URL before was for us to minimize the words of the long links enabling us to post them on twitter or even insert them on e mails.  But did you know that there are dangers of a shortened url?


Here are some of the threats that shortened URL possess.

  • The shortened urls could lead you to sites that host spyware, malwares and other malicious content.
  • Websites that could abuse the loop in the security of your browser.
  • Phishing sites-these are sites that stole some of valuable information like PayPal accounts or your credit info’s.
  • Spam campaigns


So how do we avoid these threats and protect our accounts?


Simple, you just have to preview it to view the link, then you can determine whether the destination is safe or not.  If you do not recognize it, better not click it.


For tinyurl sites, you can use their tinyurl preview link to examine the shortened URL.  It is also safer to click tinyurls with preview on their link i.e. Bitly is a bit complicated, you need to add an extension or a plug-in to view the link. is aware of these threats, which is why they have it on their instruction page on how to enable the preview option for their shortened URL.  If by any chance the link does not have this option, you can do a simple trick to view links, simply add hyphen at the end of the shortened URL and you will be redirected on the preview page. Snipurl is just like tinyurl simple include the work “peek” at the front of the link just before the “http://”.  To preview the links of other shortened url simply use Long Url, long url can give previews of over 200 link shortener, and it is also available as a plug-in.


Today, it is best for us to be aware of things that poses threats to our security.  The internet is a fun place but there are also dangers that are lurking on it.  Let us all be careful to protect our accounts.  And please stop using those key loggers hidden as a cheat engine, promising that would give you loads of valuable stuff needed for you to advance in the game, most of the time they aren’t real, they just want your account.

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    Psst…loving the new look, much easier on the eye 😉

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    Thanks we took a lot of time trying to get it right and make it so the colors wouldn’t bug out your eyes while reading.

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