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Dead End…This is as far as you can go.

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Dead End...This is as far as you can go.

We always remind our readers that anything too much is sickening, and we all agree to that part.  We even mentioned that you should put a limitation on your gaming habits since it takes so much of your time.  But is it normal for an online gaming site to include a limitation on some of the elements inside a game?  Last week we talked about a social game greatly minimizing your interaction with other players, but unfortunately, we found out that some games are also including some limits on some part of the games.  Here are the lists.


  • Money limit- I can understand why some of the games put a limitation on the gold, since most of the time the most valuable and rare items on the game cannot be purchased by gold and you have to work hard on finding them, in the end the money turns out invaluable and will only help you during the first instance of the game.
  • Attributes limit- There were some games, MU online in particular, who includes a limitation on the attributes, anything higher that the limit they set, will put your character on bug (one hit killed).  But having said that it takes a number of reset before you can actually reach that limit (Well at least for the original server, but there are other servers who are offering much higher experience)
  • Movement limit- there are games who put a limitation on how many battles, quests you can take.  Pockie Ninja in particular gives you a limit on your movement (they called it vitality, which is weird, I personally prefer stamina) Using all your moves will only take a few minutes and just like we said on out past rants, if you want to move further on the game, then please purchase an extra gold.
  • Trading limit-A total of 5 tradings that will give you nothing but trash items and a few money.  Why can’t we even get something worth saving on our chest or inventory?  An item you’ll get on a virtual trading (not even on another player) will grant you items that you’ll eventually sell since money is a lot important than the items that they are giving you.
  • Duel Limitation- I personally love this, It’s a great help for the newbies, since they do not have enough time to ignore those multitudes of mid-level player who has nothing to pick on but the beginners.  (I hate those players boasting about the newbie players they just killed.  On some games where PVP are allowed I sometimes wait outside the newbie gate to slay those mid-level players who are killing the newbies.  I am no hero, I just hate them.
  • Inventory-This is but normal on all MMORPG, but there are games who are offering you an unreasonable small room for your items, Most of the time you have to choose what to drop in order for you to pick up another item, well at least if you do not want a trip back to town, cause they do not offer a town portal, you have to endure the grueling long walk back to town and back to the dungeon. (I believe we have that game on our review section)


So whether you agree or not to these limitations, we can do nothing but play by these rules, as they said we can always tick the exit once we do not like a game.  Limitation are nothing but normal to this world, there are no absolute freedom.  But may I just remind those developers, that if they are going to put a boundary on a certain element of the game, make it at least reasonable and be sure that it won’t reduce the exciting part of the game.

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