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Re-Mission 2 Nanobot’s Revenge: Teaches us how to Defeat Cancer in a Video Game

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Re-Mission 2

Re-Mission 2 Nanobot’s Revenge

There isn’t much a patient is allowed to do while undergoing treatments for cancer in the hospital. Young kids usually get bored and irritable spending weeks away from friends and hobbies. That was changed by a team of medical researchers and programmers who wanted to not only help keep the children’s minds off of the treatments, but to also help them feel empowered in their fight against cancer.

Re-Mission 2The game, called Re-Mission 2, is a compilation of 6 games that gives patients various virtual weapons such as radiation, chemo and targeted cancer drug attacks designed to crush an advancing lethal cancer legion. Re-Mission 2 was created by a nonprofit company called HopeLab. HopeLab was founded in 2001 by Pamela Omidyar, the wife of eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. The nonprofit is also responsible for creating the game’s predecessor, Re-Mission.

Re-Mission 2 is made for people who have grown up playing games such as  Angry Birds on the Internet or on mobile device applications. The sequel can be played only online or on the iPad.

Nanobot’s Revenge is the game that I started off playing in the series. The first level was an easy shoot em’ style game. You control Nanobot at the top of the screen and you shoot down onto the enemies called Leukemutants whom on level 1 are attacking the lungs.

Your starting weapon is called ChemoBlast 6MP. As the levels progress you gain additional weapons to your arsenal such as a WBC Worm that comes up and eats the Leukemutants and PredniSoldiers which is two killer robots who help you fight the enemy below. The goal is to stop the enemy from climbing up the screen and infecting the whole area. Weapons follow real life rules as you have to wait a short period of time to get more energy to continue fighting enemies just like there have to be rest periods between treatments.

Re-Mission 2

This game was not easy after the first few levels. It took a lot of hand eye coordination to decide where to fire the weapons and which to use and when to use it. Very fun games that are incredibly educational as well.

Medical Researchers and programmers from HopeLab state that there is a possibility to develop new games such as “Stem Cell Defender” to help educate and engage young patients in the future.

Try out the six different games for Re-Mission 2 at the developer’s website Re-Mission 2


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