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Deviant Dale’s IPA

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Deviant Dale's IPA

Oskar Blues Brewing Company

Last week we began football wildcard weekend, so like usual a bunch of us got together to sit in front of the TV for about 8 hours. So there is a need for a few beers, some snacks, and a few pizzas. So I decided my choice was to bring Deviant Dale’s IPA.


Deviant Dale’s IPA pours a rich golden copper color leaving a two finger high head that is off white in color. The head hangs around for a good amount of time, finally leaving an abundance of lacing once it dissipates.


Deviant Dale’s IPA smell first and foremost sweet and fruity citrus. Of course being an IPA you get some hoppy pine, a touch of woodiness, and bready malt coming in the end.

Overall Deviant Dale’s IPA smells amazing!


Deviant Dale’s IPA tastes on first drink of a sweet and sugary concoction with a very hoppy grainy note. As you drink more the taste slows moves over to more of a malty grainy with a citrus finish. You always have the bitterness in the end that is typical with most IPA’s.

There are some other flavors floating around in this beer. Sometime I get what I would describe best as a banana bread like taste that might also have a touch of mint. This is very unique and a great flavor for an IPA.


Deviant Dale’s IPA is a great beer for relaxing and those lazy days when you want to treat yourself. This beer is now on my short list of beers. Great flavor and very refreshing IPA.

Verdict 5 of 6



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