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Devil’s Britches IPA

Posted on 7/11/2013 by with 1 comment

By HiDevil’s Britches IPA ghland Brewing

I was a little over anxious to try this Devil’s Britches IPA  after seeing the bottle. By looks of it alone this would have to be a really kick-ass beer. Well sometime you don’t always get what we wished for and this is really the case with this somewhat forgettable beer.


The pour of Devil’s Britches IPA  is of clear caramel to dark copper color with light carbonation bubbles. The head is light and fluffy with a touch of red tint in the head. The head retention is very good with light lacing and foamy patches to the edges of the glass.


The aroma of Devil’s Britches IPA  is of a bready malty base with just a touch of citrus at the end. On second smell I get more of a grainy pine smell with more of a roasted citrus on the back end.


The taste is very thin bodied with a very mild carbonation on the back of the taste. Every time I taste I get different flavors coming through. From the piney citrus flavors to the heavier tasting of the malty very strong alcohol taste. The tastes are a bit bizarre very dry tasting somewhat similar to a champagne or dry wine. 


Overall this Devil’s Britches IPA  is sub average beer. I would have to put this beer in the category of beers that are very light for people that don’t like to taste there beers.

Would I recommend it probably not? My friends like beer and good beer, this one isn’t even close to that mark in my book.

From kick-ass to kick in the ass!

Verdict 3 of 6

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  1. On September 26th, 2013 at 3:07 pm , Steve Morris said...

    I mis-read this as Devil’s Bitches! Now that is a beer I want to drink. LOL.

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