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Director Qishi Li’s Pistol Of The Forgiven Available on Indieflix

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 05, 2014

International writer and director Qishi Li’s newest film Pistol Of The Forgiven released to critical acclaim via Indieflix and their partner platforms on Roku and XBox. (Indieflix page: [They])

Pistol Of The Forgiven is a revenge fiction set in a (neo) western landscape about an American gunslinger setting out against a gang of Japanese Samurai gunmen. This film has garnered glowing reviews from London Film Review (4.5/5) [They] and Cinema Crazed [They]. Mr. Li has been featured on Sino-TV in a 30-minute interview aired on June 27th about this film, his background, his experience in independent filmmaking, and China-US co-productions. When asked, Mr. Li said, “I see unprecedented opportunities with China-US co-productions and I believe well-crafted westerns are still alive.”

Mr. Li attributes his biggest cinematic influence to Akira Kurosawa and Sergio Leone, “[They] set a standard for the craft and spirit of filmmaking and I’ve always wanted to make a film as a homage to legendary directors like Kurosawa and Leone. Nobody makes movies like that anymore.”

Currently Mr. Li is working as a screenwriter with DMG Entertainment developing several sci-fi screenplays. “A lot of films these days want to incorporate Chinese elements but the characters or scenes in those films aren’t necessary to be Chinese at all, ” said Mr. Li, “what I’m doing is to create stories with built-in Chinese settings that are designed for a global stage.” Additionally Li is writing his own saga western. He is also working with Beyond Enterprise on a few China-US co-production screenplays.

Mr Li is an Alumni of Fudan University in biomedical engineering. He also has an M.F.A. in film writing and directing from Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

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