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Do you want to duel?

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Do you want to duel?

Do you ask people to duel at random?

When I’m in town in a game, I’m there for the main reason to log off or to sell stuff before heading back out again. As with most people I pretty much mind my own business in game except for giving people a hard time in guild chat.

Minding my own business doesn’t mean I don’t have fun or that I don’t bother to help people when they need it, because I go out of my way to help if I can. When I make my way into town, it’s like a winding down period after playing so I normally am not open to starting a duel right off, but this is when I normally get these invites.

Is this and ego thing?

I normally get these invites from people either much higher or much lower level than me. So is this an ego thing or what? I understand some people just want to see if they can hold their own against one other player, but why when I’m standing at the auction house.

Do you feel better after beating a player that is much higher than you or much lower than you? There is a satisfaction beating another player in battle. I could more satisfaction from beating a higher level player myself.

In most games I play I get enough PVP in the PVP areas I never back down there, but when it comes to dueling I can’t always see the point in it, unless you’re shuffling skills around or trying new skill and weapons out.

I still will never understand why a level 6 mage is asking me to duel and I’m a level 53 ranger.  Sure if I one shot him, I look like a bully, but you know that’s what he asked for it.

So I ask you today do you want to duel, and why do people keep asking me to duel at the bank and auction house?

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