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Do you want to purchase extra gold?

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I hate those games who based the character’s progress on money (there I said it).  I can’t believe how a casual gamer would advance to level 90 in one day just because he has the ability to spend.  How about those hardcore gamers who bring a good impression of the game on your site?

It is so unfair that some of these games are developed for the sole purpose of money. I mean most of the games are created in anticipation to make profit, but do they really have to rub it in our face that you have to spend money in order for you to come out on top of this game?

Reasonable spending only!

One online gaming provides a huge difference between the paid gamers to the free one.  I can understand if they just offer you with some resources but a double experience and triple amount of blessing, along with a massive collection of rare items plus an additional party who is just insanely strong is too unreasonable.

I do spend some money to raise my equipment but that’s just it, I believe dedication of the game is still a must in order to savor the sweet smell of success.

Is it befitting for an online game to offer online purchase to boost your character?  I believe so.  Rare equipment are enough for someone like me to spend a few bucks.  But something that would instantly shoot your level to the maximum is just plain dumb. I wanted to say hard work beats money, but I can’t since it is too obvious that free gamers will never experience some of the options you are offering.

Some of you might already know what online games that I am talking about. And I don’t give a damn if you hate me for this, but I think they need to be tasered to make them realize that it is not doing them any good.  More and more casual gamers will realize that they can be strong in a matter of time by throwing a few bucks which in my opinion will only hurt them in a long run.

Getting back to the Basics!

Online games should always focus on targeting the hardcore gamers, because they are here to stay. They are those who are willing to dedicate their time in the game and enjoy a few hardships and challenges.  They are ready to pay a good amount of money, but not to the point that will separate them from most of the players.

I think most of today’s games are looking for quick cash anticipating that their game’s popularity will soon fade out due to the numerous amount of games being released from day to day.  Then why even bother to release a game if you think you’re materials does not have the element of success?

My promise.

I made a promise to myself never to play any of those games who rely on money and money alone.  It is just sad that this kind of practice is starting to create a trend especially on those browser type of games.  I just hope that this would not be the future of the gaming industry.  Let us go back to the basic and remember what is good and giving the players a genuine laughter and smile.

It is fine to charge us a few bucks in order for us to play a game but for heaven’s sake never offer us to purchase a VIP status and give us those unreasonable items making the game boring and less challenging.   Focus on the quality of the game and believe me even if it is expensive a gamer would always be there to religiously play it.

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