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Do you want to see Marvel and DC in one game?

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Marvel and DC

Marvel and DC has taken their fight into the mainstream.  Both of them are trying to outdone each other in terms of revenue.  Though we are seeing the same thing on the games, I believe it will take time before we can see all of them in one game.  Perhaps there are too many things to consider before making a game with some of the notable characters in both comics.   While the dream project was made possible on comics series where a limited edition was published by both DC and Marvel on the year 1996, the possibility of combining them on a game is still out of reach.

One possible reason why they are finding it hard to create such video game is the story.  One has to find a common ground on these groups of characters.  I do agree that they both have extra ordinary power, but a story must be deeper than that in order to make it successful.  I do not want to see another Marvel vs. Capcom type of game, besides there’s a huge difference on these superheroes.  DC superheroes are regarded as demigod and praised by the public, they also seemed indestructible while Marvel mutants are hated for their ability and the public looked at them as a menace.

They should also include some of the key personalities on both comics in order to attract the loyal fans.  Let’s see, how bout Wonder woman having a fight with Thor since they have a connection on mythological creatures (Norse Mythology and Greek Mythology), or Batman and  Iron Man cause aside from the fact that they are both a mega millionaire, Batman also said that Tony Stark can beat him, but it will probably take a lifetime.  A battle of speed between Flash and Quick Silver or a test of strength between Superman and Hulk is also not a bad idea.  Or war of the telepaths, Phoenix against the Martian would be a sight to behold or would that be a mismatch since Phoenix was able to defeat Galactus singlehandedly?  Then they would only have to think about a big villain that they’d have to fight in the end, perhaps Darkseid and Apocalypse or the Dark Phoenix.

But of course they would also have to consider about the cost of production and the fact that they have to split the profit into two companies.  We all know how a company hates to share their earnings.  But I am not closing my door on the possibility of a merge since it happened before on Capcom and Marvel on games and DC and Marvel on comics.  How bout our avid readers, which character do you wanna see, if ever Marvel and DC decided to create such game?

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