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Drop Top Ale by Widmer Brothers Brewing

Posted on 1/6/2013 by with 0 comments

Pours clear copper color with a small light white head. The head dissipates very quickly.


The smell is sweet malty with a touch of citrus hops.


Very light taste…. Very, light in the hops department, with little or no bitterness. The after taste is just a touch of citrus flavor. The carbonation is strong at first taste by slows quickly in your mouth.


The beer is very easy to drink but, that’s because of the lack of any over powering flavors. This beer is a good choice on a hot day, when your not worry about putting down a bottle fast. This beer isn’t terrible but it doesn’t bring anything to the table that will make you want to go buy again anytime soon.


Verdict 3of 6

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